Telecommunication services

Even in basic landline services, we offer more options than could be imagined a decade or two ago. In our different basic voice packages, we include three-way calling, call waiting, and caller ID. Again, according to the various packages and the assorted amenities, these services might either be free or cost additional charges.

When it comes to speeds and bandwidth, our company again has different options for different people. We offer POTS lines, which are regular telephone service lines and can transfer about 52 kilobits of data per second; T1 lines, which have a higher bandwidth than POTS and can carry about 1.54 megabits per second; and Metro Ethernet lines, which are delivered over fiber instead of regular cable and can transfer about 3 megabits to 1 gigabit of data per second. Metro Ethernet circuits are used in small- and large-scale businesses for communication between offices around the world.

In addition to this, the company has now widened its sphere into offering television facilities. We have higher bandwidth speeds than most of our competition because of better and improved infrastructure, such as the use of fiber cables.

Our company offers world-class web hosting services that allow individuals and organizations to share and propagate their website via the World Wide Web. We provide lots of accessible space on secure servers around the world that can be owned or leased by clients—depending on their deals. We also offer internet connectivity in safe and efficient data centers. We provided Housing services (also called colocation), where we give data center space and connectivity to the internet for other servers situated in our data center.

Our telecommunication company is known for its virtual servers and virtual hosting. A virtual server is a server at a different location that can be shared and owned by different web users in such a way that each owner can administer it as though they had complete control over the whole server. Users of our virtual servers are exempt from having to worry about the hardware aspect of running and managing a server. Using our virtual servers, individuals and companies can not only have their own domain names and IP addresses, but can manage their own file directories, add and delete e-mail accounts and address assignments, manage their own logs, maintain passwords, and assign multiple domain names that can resolve into a basic domain name without probing from the ISP.